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Automatization and robotics

We are offering a range of solutions in fields of robotization and automatization.
Each technology is unique so choose a technology which best suits your needs and goals.


The Active Compliant Technology works along the successful bionic principles of flexibility and adaptability.


Helmee AOI is a perfect solution for all companies plating or manufacturing glossy surfaced products in larger volumes.


Cutting–edge 3D sensors for inspection, guidance and measurement

Helmee AOI

the perfect control over glossy objects

Helmee Imaging’s CSD™ (Covered Stereo Deflectometry) technology based machine vision systems are designed to visually inspect glossy – mirror like objects.

CSD™ is the only available technology in the market that can simultaneously inspect surface properties and 3D shape of a glossy object

Glossy surfaced parts are typically inspected manually by humans due to lack of automatic tools so far. Those products are often produced in large quantities making the inspection work extremely difficult and monotonic due to large volume and fast pace. This leads into quality deviation caused by inspection process or workers. With Helmee AOI you can tune the level of acceptance in inspection.

Active Compliant Technology

flexibility and adaptability

Active Contact Technology offers versatile solutions. Makes robots develop a sense for perfection and applies to every task conceivable in surface treatment and contact-sensitive handling in the automobile, general industry and aerospace sectors.

Smart Ray - Josy

state-of-the-art inline inspection

Josy is a high-speed, all-in-one-system for non-contact visual 3D inspections, ideally suited to all joining technologies.

Josy combines highly advanced sensors, a configurable software package and personal service to a perfect solution tosupport your 3D quality assurance effectively.


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